Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Running in Chile

So far I have been in living in a happy Chilean bubble where life is perfect and negativity and petty annoyances cant touch me. This is because I am here on vacation and am seeing everything in a happy and positive light. This morning however, my little Chilean bubble shrank just a bit....gee...that didnt last long! This is because this morning I decided to go for a run....and all the rage from my past experiences running in Chile came flooding back to me.

I was in a happy and chirpy mood getting ready to begin the day and thought, what better way to start off a day than going for a run? So I did! Off I ran, into the beautiful green neighborhood of E and his family. I was happily minding my own business running along the streets and enjoying observing my surroundings as well as people watching when a noticed that something was following me. I had my ipod on so I wasnt particularly aware of what was going on, but when I began to get a sneaking suspicion that I was being followed, I turned around, only to come face to face with a truck load of men who began hooting and shouting and hollaring. My heart skipped a beat as I remembered what it felt like to be a woman in Chile. I ran a little faster, but they continued to follow. They even ran a stop sign for gods sake!

I began to get a little creeped out and quickly turned a corner last second to get away. But alas, they continued to follow me and slowly drove beside me hooting and hollering and shouting god knows what. I wish I would have had the courage I aquired back when I lived here for a year and a half where I used to shout at every man that stared me down or whispered something dirty. However, after being away for a year, I seemed to have forgotten how to confront the Chilean male and couldnt bring myself to do anything. So I continued to dodge corners here and there until they finally decided to pester off.

So, once that was over, I continued my run cautiously. Then I came upon a feria and had to run by I did I got another swarm of hoots and hollars and sleazy looks and whispers as I passed by the guys watching the parked cars. By the time I reached the end of the long feria Id had enough and at least had the courage to muster up a stare of death which I gave to any sleazy guy who dared to look my way.

Arrghghg it was infuriating to have to stress out about dirty old men following you around when youre just trying to go on a god damn run! Sigh...these are the types of things that I know will get to me in the future when I live here again. I know eventually Ill miss running in the clean air and peaceful streets where men virtually do not even notice you. What to do...I guess Ill join a gym? I wish I could just forget it and not get so annoyed at all the disgusting piropos and glances when trying to work out but I just really gets to me. Everytime I hear them, I freeze and my heart speeds up, and Im like a deer caught in the headlights. This really screws up the rythm of running and defetes the purpose of that great relaxing feeling that normally accompanies it. I guess next year I could always find some secluded spot where nobody is around to run. Any ideas?

Anyhow, today is the last year of 2009! I still have to come up with a New Years resolution list so Ill have to think about that and post it later. Im not big on resolutions and have never followed through so there may be no point. But Im thinking that if I post them and everybody bears witness, I might have more motivation to try to actually accomplish them!!

Today after E finishes work early, him, his sister and I are heading to Vina for the weekend! Im really not looking to the traffic on the way to Vina. Just thinking about it brings on a mild case of car sickness. Last year was absolutely disgusting because we were sitting in traffic for about 6 hours! Heres hoping itll be better this year! Last night I went to see a ballet with E and his family, after which, we went to a Swiss restaurant for dinner. I would love to recommend the restaurant because it was quite amazing but I completely forget the name! When it comes to me again Ill make a note of it. I also forgot my bloody camera so no pictures to follow! Buuuuu!

And with that Im off! Today Im finally going to meet the famous Kyle Hepp, our wedding photographer I discovered from blog. Really looking forward to it since weve been emailing back and forth for months now and she seems awesome! Then its off to Vina to celebrate the end of another year.

Happy New Years everyone!!!!


  1. wow, im chilean and i'm annoyed for what happenned to you (it's embarrasing to me as a chilean), i've heard this things from a lot of "gringas" in chile.. i dont know if this just happen in Santiago because where i live (central-south chile)this things doesn't happen very often.

    anyway, if that happen to you again you just have to confront them, they are usually a bunch of cowards, chilean males act like that just with friend, but if they are alone they are even afraid of womans XD!

    sorry for my english

    and i hope you enjoy your time in chile, bye!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Ha ha! I love how you say that these men only do these things to impress their friends and when they are alone they are even scared of women ha ha! So true!

    There are so many differences between Santiago and the rest of Chile so I wouldn´t be surprised if what you say is true. I would love to stand up to men like this when these happen, but unfortunately, sometimes I can be a bit of a chicken lol! It´ll take a bit of re-adjusting to Chile to work up the courage to stand up for myself again. But I am determined to do so in the future!

  3. mmm I don't know if you are near a University but going to one or even a large high school, anything with a decent running track or circuit could be a good thing to check out.