Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Legally Married!!!

I have been trying to get another post in here for soooo long! It´s amazing how little time you have once you start working!!! Whenever I get home from work now all I want to do is eat, cuddle with E, and go to sleep early...and there is little time for much else during the busy work week. This weekend I couldn´t post anything because...well...I got married!!! Actually, we had our civil wedding, which for us is not the same as getting married since to us "getting married" means the actual religious ceremony. And I´m not trying to take away the significance and importance of civil weddings. I know many people count the civil wedding as the "real" wedding. I think that whatever ceremony you choose as the moment you declare yourselves as husband and wife is up to you and depends on your own personal beliefs and feelings. The important thing though is choosing a day where you both agree to commit to each other and love each other forever. Since none of my friends and family could be here for the civil wedding, and since we are religious, that big day is in December. However, I´m still so excited about having accomplished this first important step and I can´t help but tell the world! The civil wedding is still a very important ceremony because now in the eyes of the law we are officially no longer single and from now on function as a family unit. Yay!

Would you believe that we actually almost weren´t even allowed to get married by the registro civil! We had a little issue with the judge. Whoever is planning to have a civil ceremony in Chile, read on!

E had received a little card from the registro civil with the date and time of our ceremony and info about what we were supposed to bring etc. For example, did you know that you are not allowed any children in the room since they might distract the couple from fully understanding everything that takes place during the ceremony?! E´s little nieces were there and I guess his sister forgot about this fact so they had to be kicked out for the ceremony along with E´s brother in law who had to sit outside with them. Bummer.

Anyway, when we first arrived at the registro, E went to go sign in. About 10 minutes had gone by and I noticed E was still talking with the receptionist. When I went to go see what was going on, I could see that they were arguing. It turns out, the lady was telling E that he couldn´t show up to get married without wearing a tie! The card they gave us said to wear formal attire and we dressed up according to what we thought "formal" meant! I felt we looked fine! No...more than fine! But this lady went on scolding E about his atire and telling him that the civil ceremony is a solomn event...blah blah blah...and you have to take it seriously...blah blah blah...and how could we be taking it seriously if E wasn´t even wearing a tie!? Oh my god you have got to be kidding me, I thought. After much arguing with this traditional conservative grouch, we came to an agreement that E would wear his brother in law´s nice coat to cover up his blasphemous tieless shirt. Then she moved on to me and said, "Don´t you dare tell me that you´re wearing pants!" (she couldn´t see what I was wearing on the lower half of my body because I was behind a counter). Thank god I wasn´t but initially I was going to put on a pair of nice black dress pants. Can you believe this!??! So apparently, there is an official "dress code" one has to follow if they hope to get married in the registro civil!!! You would think that if it was so freaking important they would mention it somewhere or let us know BEFORE showing up to get married and then ruining our day by making us feel like scum because of our clothing?!?!? And just so you know, E was dressed completely formal in my opinion! He was wearing nice pants and a nice shirt, just no tie. I was wearing a skirt thank god! But the fact that she made E cover up like he had something to be ashamed of totally put a damper on the mood.

Then when we finally got past the stupid receptionist, we get called into the ceremonial room, and tried to forget the b@#ch lady and her silly conservative ways. Imagine our delight when we walk in and see the same lady standing up infront of us! It turns out she was no receptionist...she was the judge! So throughout the whole ceremony I was standing there trembling in fear, hoping she wouldn´t pick a fight about something else like my not so perfect legal Spanish. Thankfully, a switch flipped on in that head of hers and she remained decent for the rest of the ceremony, until the end...where she continued to lecture E about his clothes saying that "you have to look nice so that your future children can look back on these photos with pride...blah blah blah..." I´m like, "Lady! Give it a rest already! You already killed the mood you don´t have to butcher it!!! ARGhghghgh!!!! Anger!!!!

So aside from that little glitch in the road, E and I proceeded through the ceremony smoothly and when it was over, we totally forgot about our crazy judge woman because we were bombarded by hugs and kisses and "congratulations" from our families. We went back home to have a wonderful celebratory lunch with close family members and then all watched the Chile vs Spain game. Though Chile lost, we had a great time watching it together. That night we had a bbq to celebrate with some close friends of ours which went on until about 3:30am, as typical Chilean bbqs do. We woke up with pretty bad hang overs and then booked it over to Cantina California where we watched the USA vs Ghana game with some gringo friends! Though USA lost (sorry my American buddies!) it was great seeing everyone and I was happy E got to meet some of the lovely ladies I´ve come to know in these past few weeks, as well as their lovely partners.

Sunday and Monday were spent on pure relaxation. I love lazy weekend days. Everything was looking up as we entered the work week until this morning....

I got up at 6:45am to go for a morning run before work. I took my usual route and about 3/4 along the route, I was attacked by a dog. Runners BEWARE!!! Take note of your surroundings and the dogs around you! I, like I´m sure most people in Chile, have always thought street dogs were harmless and never even gave them a second glance. This morning I was running past this one dog when all of a sudden, it turned on me and attacked me! It started snarling and barking and jumping on me! I didn´t even have time to think and my instinct told me to just keep running, hoping he´d back off...that´s when he started biting me! Then I finally just stopped and raised my hands as if to surrender hoping the dog would stop. Some street worker noticed and started yelling at the dog and the dog backed off. He asked me if I was bit and I just brushed him off saying I´m fine because I was in such shock and was about to break down and didn´t want to start bawling right then and there. I started to feel like I was suffocating because I was still far from home and I was terrified the dog would follow me. Then I looked at my leg and saw that I was bleeding. Then I thought, shit...what if this dog has rabies or some other disease...That´s when I freaked out even more. I tried to hold it together until I got home but I was still in a state of shock and when I called E to tell him what happend I broke down and he could hardly understand me.

E called his mom, who is a nurse, who said I would need a rabies vaccine since I was bit by a stray dog and you could never be sure. So this morning was spent waiting around at E´s mom´s hospital to get my shot. It turns out you need five shots! Aak!!! I hate shots! Especially when they´re intermuscular shots that make your muscle go numb afterwards! You take them on a schedule so today was day one, then I have to go back every 3 days or so to get another shot. I wish they would have just given them to me all at once...way easier and less pain and anticipation to deal with. Well, I´m sure there´s a reason why they don´t do that. And I guess it´s better getting all those shots than contracting rabies! But anyway, to make a long story short, I am now safe and sound in my apartment and am feeling much better.

And with that I conclude my update! Hoping to post more frequently once things settle down! It still seems like I just got here and there´s been so much happening all at once: the wedding, the new job, the apartment...not that I´m complaining, I´m loving the Chilean life so far! Aside from being attacked by random dogs that is!


  1. are you kidding, dog attacks have been all over the news recently! i've seen chilean people jumping out of the way afraid of them recently

    But i was attacked by a dog 3 times when I used to go running in the mornings. The same dog, at that, damn thing.

    I didnt go to a hospital or anything because I was OK and the dog did not seem to have rabies, but later when I did go to a vaccination center for something else I mentioned it and she said dogs in chile havent had rabies in about a decade, and i found online that the last case of rabies caused by a dogbite was 38 years ago.

    I suppose the shot is a good precaution anyway. Stay away from that dog! Congrats on the legal status!!!!

  2. Congrats on getting married....though my belief is that you're married in the eyes of the law! Which is great!! You have months ahead of your "real thing." PS thanks for walking/taking my drunk self home the other day!! Much appreciated!! :o)
    I hope you're ok about that dog incident... sounds horrid. No wonder people are afraid of Obi!

  3. That judge had no right at all to tell you what you have to wear to the civil ceremony!! I wore dress pants to ours, we may have had a few looks, but seriously... it's your day you have every right to decide what to wear!! And the pride of your children depends on what you wear :S What a crazy lady! Sorry to hear about the dog bite! I hate street dogs that have tempers... they seriously need to be fixed so they can't create anymore!!!
    Glad to hear you are enjoying Chile!! Good luck with everything!!

  4. That lady at the civil registry was RIDICULOUS. I can't believe she said that. Some people honestly need to learn to keep their opinions to themselves! Congrats on being "legally" married.

    Oh and crazy about that dog. I've always found the street dogs to be friendly, but just this morning I saw one trying to attack this guy on a bike, so the mean ones definitely exist. Bummer about the rabies shots, but I think it's a good precaution. Did you have to get them in your stomach? I remember my aunt got bitten by a fox when I was little and she had to get rabies shots in her stomach.

  5. Ugggh. I meant to put the quotes around "married", not "legally". Duh.

  6. Congrats on the legally married status, even though the moment was almost ruined. That is terrible about getting attacked by the dog--and shots are no fun.

  7. Argh! I hate how you can´t reply individually to people´s comments! Bear with me...

    Lydia: I didn´t know dog attacks have become popular lately. Good to know that rabies is not well established in the dog population here!

    Andrea: It was a pleasure driving you home the other day. I´m glad we got you back safe and sound! That was a fun day! Though you probably think otherwise since your team lost that day...buuu! But I was still happy to see everyone!

    Shannon: More and more people are telling me she had no right to say that. I didn´t question her because I was so scared of her but I should go back and complain! I would imagine many other poor couples show up there all happy thinking they´re about to get married and then get slapped in the face by that old bag. Shouldn´t happen. Totally kills the mood. I mean, everybody shows up dressed nice! I would understand her anger if a couple showed up wearing a pear of jeans and shorts or something but this was not the case!

    Abby: I got my shot in the arm. I was sitting in the waiting room thinking I was going to get the shot in the stomach which I heard was very painful and I was terrified! Thank god they switched methods! Now you have to get a shot in the muscle of your arm five times on five separate days. It wasn´t too painful.

    Annje: Thanks! I´m doing better now, just a bunch of bruises on my leg now. It was more the shock of getting attacked and having my security taken away that really got to me. I never thought twice about the dogs on the streets before. Now I will be extra careful! Especially since dog attacks seem to be getting popular according to Lydia!

  8. Yes! The civil registry is a bitch, but now all I want is to be well enough to return for my tiny civil ceremony in August. We'll see...

    Congrats to you!!!

    And sorry about that dog bite!!! I've never been bitten *fingers crossed*. That would be the LAST thing I need.

    But, for real, enough about me. Congrats on the beginning of your happily wedded life:)

  9. Thanks Sara! I hope everything is going well with your operation and that you´re back in Santiago soon! Hey you could always have your wedding in the US, especially if L is going up there to join you!