Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dancing the Night Away!

I told my friends I would blog about this night and so now I am! Last night I was reminded of the importance and absolute necessity of having girls nights out. Last night a bunch of my new girl friends here in Santiago and I got together for drinks and appies and then went out to dance! The classic girls night out. It's definitely fun going out with the men but it's different. Going out with the girls you can feel free to just be crazy and let loose and dance with whomever you please. There's a different vibe in the air and you don't feel like you have to stick with your partner the whole time or entertain them if they don't happen to know anyone...though don't get me wrong, I love going out with E too. It's just different. Once in a while I enjoy the opportunity to be independent and free. I think everyone needs their down time with the "guys" or "girls" or "possy" or whatever you want to call one's close group of friends.

The night started out by going to "gringa number 1's" house. We'll call her S. We all brought drinks and appies and enjoyed a nice evening of great food and great conversation. After happy hour is when things started to get a little more crazy. We went to the club around 12:30am, which of course is still early for Chilean partygoers, and the place was quite empty. It was nice however to have a bit of space in the club at the beginning for getting 2x1 drinks without the line up and taking over the dance floor and hanging out.

After about an hour, once we started kicking back the piscolas and the place started to get more crowded, the night really took off. There was such a great vibe in the place, the music was great, and we danced non stop until about three something am. There were some really cool guys that joined our dancing group throughout the night (and other, not so cool guys) who also happened to be professional break dancers!!! Various times throughout the evening almost everyone in the club formed a circle and people took turns dancing in the middle. I love it when that happens. So we all got to show off our dancing skills one at a time ha ha. Every time one of the break dancers took the stage, the crowd went wild and everyone was clapping and cheering them on. They were really good! And they were sweet, not the dirty type of guy that tries to hit on you at the club. We had other randoms join our dancing group that evening as well, some were good dancers, some sucked, but we could all care less because we were just having too much fun. The thing that killed me was my friend S who went about and started twirling random people around ha ha! I quote, "I love to see them twirl!" It may not sound very funny but you had to be there. She was going around twirling everyone in sight. Throw in a bunch of drunk gringas and everything is funny. Great way to meet new people though ha ha! That and her falling down on the dance floor were some of the various highlights of the evening. Oh man, too much fun!

So now it's almost 1pm and I am happily sitting in my bed, hungover yet content and smiling while remembering last nights events. My wonderful E has gone out to the feria to buy our weekly produce (I heart my man) while I sit here lazily sipping my coffee and wondering what we should do today. I think this is a great day for exploring a new part of Santiago. Perfect.

And now I'm off to make breakfast...or lunch...brunch!!! That sounds good to me! Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone! And thanks to all my wonderful new friends here that made last night so much fun! Can't wait to do it again!


  1. Sounds like so much fun!!!!

    And don't worry, someday you may get to the point like me where you go out with your man and he watches you dance with other people and laughs hysterically :) That's even more fun!

  2. I'm sorry I missed it but sounds like you guys had a blast! Hope there's another opportunity soon!

  3. Ha ha ha I think that's so funny that Seba just laughs at all the guys that hit on you. He laughs because he knows that his hot wife is all his and all those poor suckers don't stand a chance lol!

    Andrea, do not fear, there will be many repeats! After Friday night we officially decided to do a gringa dance-a-thon once a month!

  4. I find going out without my bf kinda tedious.. fending off all the guys... Or is it just in the US that they make it awkward for you to reject them because they have their body against you before you even see them coming?

  5. Sounds fun! I get together with a bunch of girls on a regular basis--necessary for sanity. We haven't gone dancing though.

  6. I loved the girls nights out but I agree a little with Lana I would always be the one fending off the guys because I was the most assertive one and my Spanish was the best of the group. Although, it is nice to be able to talk about anything you want without a squemish guy there. hah!

  7. Lana: Nope, that's pretty much the same with Chile too lol! Except for here I find the guys are way more aggressive! However, when you're with a group of friends, it's not too bad because we all look out for each other and so it's easy to ditch the guys when we want to.

    Annje: Yes, a night with the girls is definitely needed once in a while. And I recommend you go dancing on your next outing!

    Sara: Like I said with Lana, when you're in a group of girls, it's quite easy to fend off the guys. I think they actually are way more intimidated when there's a group of girls together. And if there every is any guy that starts getting weird and pushy with one of us, we look out for each other and scare the guy off. But lucky for us the vibe at this club was awesome and there weren't many creeps. We actually had a great time dancing with some of the guys we met there!

  8. hey Lou!

    I'm a "gringa" that will be traveling in Central and South America between Jan & May. Can you recommend a club in Santiago for my friend and I to check out? I'm so looking forward to Chile!!