Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just Another Random Post :)

Ahhh the weekend is here! It's 10am and I'm sitting here typing while sipping my delicious hot coffee. The perfect morning. My poor baby is still in bed since he didn't get home until 3:30am last night ha ha! Last I heard he was planning on grabbing a few drinks with some friends and coming home early since he was exhausted after a busy week at work. I guess that plan didn't go over too well!

This weekend is another busy weekend for us. Today we have a wedding and tomorrow we have a birthday party and in between we have to go to the feria and clean this apartment since we haven't done it in soooo long! On top of that, this wedding pretty much makes today useless for doing anything else since it starts at 4pm!!! I've never heard of a wedding starting so early but oh well. I'm just hoping they don't do one of those weddings where you go to the ceremony, then have to wait hours before the actual reception. This would suck since the wedding is about an hour from where we live. I'm very curious as to how this will all play out. I guess we'll find out! Well, a wedding is a wedding and I'm happy to attend no matter what happens! It's a wedding of one of E's high school friends so all his good old buddies will be there. It's always fun when we get together with that group!

Off topic, but it appears I'm going to have to do a Mendoza run in the near future. My "en tramite" paper for my temporary residency visa application hasn't come through yet and I only have less than a month left to legally be in Chile. The "en tramite" is a paper that confirms that your visa is on the way and with this paper, you are legally allowed to stay in Chile and travel and work. So until I get that, I'm still a tourist. But I'm actually pretty happy about the prospect of going to Mendoza. I would have to go without E because he's been super busy at work and can't risk the mountain pass closing up like it did with me a couple years ago. At this time of the year it's very risky to go to Mendoza since the weather in the mountains is so variable and the pass can close down from one day to the next without any notice. Once I went with a group of foreigners to Mendoza to renew our tourist cards and we ended up being stuck there for 10 days!!! If something like that were to happen to E he could get fired. So, it looks like I will be going alone, unless I can convince a friend to come with me :) But it will be nice to have some down time and do a little "travelling". I'm a very independent person and love getting the opportunity every now and then to do things on my own. So with or without a friend, it will be a nice little mini-vacation. I can't go the first week of September (which is my last week as a legal toursit in Chile) since it's E's birthday so it's looking like I'm going to have to go in the next two weeks.

Now to change the topic again, work is going great. I'm really happy with the progress and the work that I'm doing there. I'm so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to have this type of internship where the work that I'm doing is actually important and I'm really contributing to the goals of the section. This has been an incredible learning experience and I've been getting some really good feedback from everyone! Only a month and a half left to go and then I'll be done and hopefully working with a real job and a real salary!

So, on the work front I'm happy, on the relationship front, I could not be any happier even if I tried, on the friend front...I have met some of the most wonderful girls here who have been so much fun and so supportive and have made the transition to life in Chile soooo much easier! Work and love is important in one's life, but it's not enough to complete you...I think everyone really needs their group of friends and their own little corner of life to be completely satisfied. I once heard that to be completely happy, you have to look for happiness in various corners of life: friends, family, love, work, past times, etc. Finding all your happiness in one area, is dangerous because you learn to depend too much on that one item and that item ends up defining you. Then if anything goes wrong with that item, you're left feeling destroyed and empty. I'm not sure if it went exactly like that but that's the best way I can remember to put it into words. Basically, the point is to invest your time and energy on various aspects of life, not just one. And I couldn't agree more.

It's so easy to forget about certan areas of life, especially when some big life transition occurs. For example, something that I see a lot (and something that scares me) about the transition into parenthood is that so many times parents end up forgetting all about their friends, quit all their hobbies and past-times, and start to isolating themselves into their own little family circle. I know I probably don't have the right to talk about this since I do not yet have children and have no idea how big of a transition it will be, but I just can't fathom dropping everything once you have children. I've seen it happen so many times and already see it happening to some of E's friends and family. Seeing these scenarios has been good though because it reminds me of what I don't want to be like when I have children. I want to continue making friends and maintaining friendships; I want to continue to run and be active; and most importantly, I want to continue to nurture my relationship with E and not have our worlds revolve around our children 24/7. That may sound like bad parenting but I think it's sometimes necessary and for the kids to be happy, the parents have to be happy too. E and I both feel the same and have talked about this aspect often. I think it's great that we can identify the dangers of parenthood and determine early on how we want to try to live our lives in the future. I know I know, to any of you parents reading this, you're probably thinking "It's easy to talk the talk" but I really want to remember this and strive to maintain a healthy and balanced life in the future. It might be incredibly difficult, especially at the beginning, but I think it will be worth the sacrifice in the end!

Okay and that concludes my random "all over the place" post for the day! I realize that many of my posts usually contain various different topics and I'll try to be more organized in the future but when I start writing, words and thoughts just start sprawling out on the page and before I know it, I have 5 different topics going all at once. I'll work on that. But for now, bear with me :)


  1. Did you call extranjeria and see if the en tramite papers were in the mail, if they are you don't have to leave the country if you don't want to or you can get an extension on your tourist visa. I have done that before because we were scared to go through the mountains in the wintertime.
    Totally agree with your thoughts on not dropping everything when you become a parent. In fact, as much as my hubby wants to have a baby now, I won't because I am not stable here in Chile yet. I don't have a job yet, I don't have a circle of friends, and I am selfish and still want Ro all to myself for a couple more years :P which isn't too much to ask for since we haven't lived just the two of us yet and I want to have that experience before bringing into the world a little bundle of poop drool and joy :) Have a good weekend it sounds like it will be a lot of fun!!!

  2. Hey Shannon, yes I did call but so far no luck! I'm going to keep calling though. I know about the extension of the tourist visa in Santiago, I did that once before, but it costs 100 bucks and it took two full days of standing in lines and getting paperwork organized to do it and to be honest, I'd rather spend that money and time on a weekend in Mendoza loL!

    Good call about having kids, I agree. E and I want to enjoy our years of a stable, non-long distance relationship before we have kids. We also want to travel a lot. Once you have kids, your life will never be the same!

  3. L got stuck in Mendoza for a week once because there was a blizzard in the mountains and they closed the roads. You should see if you can find a cheap ticket to fly. They have them sometimes.

    Oh and on the kids. L and I have talked about it and decided that we probably want the future. After we are finally married and finish our masters degrees.

  4. LAN is having a sale right now, you can go to Mendoza for 25.235 pesos... I was looking for at ticket prices to go to puerto montt and I guess mendoza and puerto montt are the destinations of the month... or something. Thought it might help you. ;)

  5. Hey, I work with the CheapOair travel blog ( and we're interested in having you guest blog for us. Please contact me if you're interested. Thanks! Aldo.

  6. Shannon, thanks for that amazing dato! As soon as I read your comment I rapidly went to Lan to see if it was true and lo and behold it was!!! The only problem was that we were trying to buy the ticket and something always went wrong and wouldn't let us buy it. By the time we got around to trying again the next day, all the possible weekends we could go were sold out. Buuu!!! However, as luck would have it, I just got my "en tramite" papers the other day so no more need to go to Mendoza! Even though I can't wait to go again. At least we can go relaxed and when we feel like it and not because I "have to". Thanks again!

  7. Oh and Sara, when I was stuck in Mendoza, I did end up buying a flight out because after 10 days I was desperate to get back and when the mountain passes close, they jack up flight prices like crazy so I ended up paying about 400 dollars (more than it took to get to Buenos Aires) just for a one way ticket to Santiago. I wanted to KILL lan!!! So unfair! And of course as luck would have it, the mountain pass opened up the day we took our flight back! Ughhhhh!!!!