Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wedding Flowers

Here I sit, at my favorite Starbucks with hours to go before my next class. My morning class cancelled so instead of going home, I came here. Oh well, I happen to love sitting at Starbucks. It allows me to catch up on things such as blogging for example. The weather has been crazy here. A few days ago it was almost 34 degrees celcius and then yesterday was only 17 degrees and cloudy. Today looks the same as yesterday: cloudy and cool. And I am loving it! They're even predicting rain for the weekend. Winter is giving it's last hurrah. This morning E told me that it was because of La Nina which happens to be in effect this year and results in wetter and cooler than normal weather. That explains a lot. If this is true, this summer isn't going to be as crazy hot as it normally is. No complaints here! I really cannot stand Santiago in the heat. I love the heat back where I'm from (a small city in Canada) because we're surrounded by mountains and lakes and green so you don't feel like you're living in a city of concrete. Here however, with the herds of people everywhere and the concrete buildings that saturate this city, heat makes me miserable. Especially when you're an English teacher and have to walk around this city all day giving classes. I don't think it's particularly attractive arriving to my student's offices dripping with sweat. Ew. So for now I'm happy with this extended winter. I'll take as much of it as I possibly can before the heat arrives!

Today is a special day because it marks just 1 MONTH UNTIL MY PARENTS ARRIVE!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! I still can't believe it's real!!!! Oh my god I miss my parents SOOOOO MUCH!!!! We're going to have such a fabulous time here together too. They get here a week before the wedding so that week will be full of catching up and hanging out and taking care of last minute wedding details with my mom who, despite living on a different continent, has helped me out more than I could have ever possibly imagined! She is a god send and I love her! We are also going to have a big dinner/party/rehersal dinner the week of the wedding to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday and to have a chance for our two families to get together.

Then, the weekend of the wedding my family, along with E's, are all staying at the little mini resort that is our wedding venue. My family and I are staying there the night before the wedding, the night of, and the night after to have three days of relaxation together. Then E and I are booking it to a wonderful 5 star hotel for a wedding night package given to E by his company before setting off to the beach for a week to just relax after all the wedding planning stress. During that week my parents are off to Buenos Aires and Mendoza, my sister is off to travel with a friend of hers to somewhere in Argentina. Then we're all meeting back in Santiago for Christmas and after that taking off to the beach again and then hitting up Vina for a few days to celebrate New Years there. After that it's just some more family time in Santiago before my dad has to go back home at the beginning of January while my dear little mother is staying until the end of January so she can be here for my birthday :) December and January are going to be AWESOME!!! I'm pretty sure while my mom is here we will be hitting up Starbucks every day as well, something that my mother and I do religiously back home. I can't WAIT to have her here with me again!!!! And only one more month!!!!

On Tuesday we completed another fun wedding planning task and we chose the flowers for the venue and the church. We didn't go crazy in order to save money but we got just enough I think. Plus our reception venue is really beautiful and has enough decorations as it is so we really didn't need to add too much more. But it was fun meeting with the florist and chosing the flowers and the colours. I also chose my bouquet! I really didn't know what I wanted when I went in there, I just knew in general the colours and the style I liked. I like having a natural feel for things and like warm earth tones so we went with these family of flowers that are related to sun flowers (and including sun flowers) and we went with warm tones of oranges, reds, yellows, creams, and then greenery. The church and the reception venue have a lot of wood so these colors really go well and warm everything up nicely. For my bouquet I chose these soft orange/red calla lillies with these weird green bulbous flower thingies. It might sound weird but it looks really cool! At first I was just going to ask the florist to make a bouquet out of the same flowers we used to decorate everything else but then we all decided that the brides bouquet should be different and special. So there you have it, our flowers for the wedding :)

We were originally planning on going to the terminal de flores (a big market where you can buy flowers in bulk and for really low prices) and doing the flowers ourselves. But then we met with the florist, since she works for the place we're having our wedding reception, and when we saw all the work and effort that goes into making flower arrangements and actually transporting them, we decided to forget it. I really don't want to have to worry about all that the day before the wedding. And the price for everything she gave us was nowhere near what I thought it was going to be (in an awesome way) so we are happy. The actual price for all the flowers was actually half of what we thought it was going to be! Score!

So everything seems to be going along swimmingly...except for one thing...the Roman Catholic Church!!!! I never expected things to be so complicated and stressful!!! First of all, we are foced to deal with all the church paperwork at the parroquia (kind of like cathedral per neighborhood) that corresponds to us based on where we live which makes no sense because whose to say you're going to live in that one area your whole life, let alone the year. So anyway, because of this we have to deal with this totally obnoxious unpleasant woman who is the secretary of the parroquia. In general, the type of person that dedicates their life to working as a secretary in a church is a special type. We've delt with a few of them here in Chile and they all seem to be the same. They are all old unhappy women who crave attention and power and have nothing better to do with their time than sit in a dark dusty old office making people miserable and as a result, giving a bad name for the church and making it difficult to have any part of it. And people wonder why nobody practices Catholosism anymore. The church is so behind the times on so many levels. I am Catholic and I respect many beliefs of the Church, but I think they really need to wake up and adapt to modern times. However, I'm not going to get into what I think about the Church right now. Let's just hope we get through this with no problems!

Alright, now I better start figuring out what I'm going to do for my next class. Just a warning, most of the posts for the next month will be primarly of the wedding so bear with me.

Only two more days until the weekend! This weekend E and I plan to perfect the dance we are doing for our first dance at the wedding. Well, more like start practicing the dance. Enjoy the last couple days of the week everyone!


  1. Lucie, what an exciting time! I'm so happy for you and for your upcoming plans - I hope everything goes smoothly and as well as it possibly can! Your summer sounds like so much fun. I have an idea: adopt me and take me with you when you go!! :o)

  2. Awww thanks Andrea! Yes, I am so excited I am literally happy and smiling all the matter how many rude old women we have to deal with ha ha. It's so great to have such a big life event to look forward too. Nothing can bring me down this summer!

  3. I'm so jealous your mom is coming for two months!! I would kill for that. Enjoy your time, it sounds like you're going to have a blast.

  4. The street that L works on gets super hot because the sun reflects off the white concrete. Ouch.

    Have fun with your parents! That's awesome that they get to visit.