Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Recap: The Wedding Reception

Oh the reception...I know everybody says this about their wedding reception but I have never had so much fun in my LIFE! Of course part of that is because there are very few instances in life where one has this huge glamorous party thrown just for them, where everyone who is attending is close to you and you are the center of attention the entire night. I truly felt like the queen of the evening. Everywhere E and I went and everything we did the entire night, we were celebrated by everyone dear to us. Everyone treated us like we were superstars, and I loved every minute of it! How often does one get to feel like that? To that extent, probably only at your wedding. And to think that one of the biggest things I was nervous about before the wedding was being the center of attention, since I usually don't like to be in the spotlight. Well that definitely changed that night!

We arrived at Casa Bosque after the ceremony and got out of the car a little too fast for the videographers so we had to get back into the car and do it all over again. We had a good laugh as we got back into the car, pulled out of the driveway, circled around, and then pulled back into Casa Bosque. We immediately went to the hotel to relax and freshen up while the guests were arriving to the cocktail. There we met with our family members, took some famiy photos, and then some bride and groom photos in our room which turned out amazing, before heading to the cocktail. The day planner and producer were there at the hotel waiting for us and signaled to us when it was time to walk into the cocktail which was in a tented area outside the restaurant. They had everything figured out and planned and we didn't have to worry about a thing the entire night. I can't stress how amazing the services at Casa Bosque were. We walked into the cocktail to the music of Los Tres "Quien es la que viene alli" (at least I think that's the title) with bubbles floating all around us. We then gave our "welcome" toasts and started the evening. Throughout the cocktail we mingled and greeted guests. It was amazing to see all those we loved beaming at us as throughout the night. Everyone radiated happiness.

Before dinner, we were escorted inside the restaurant to make an entrance to dinner down the main stairway after all the guests had found their tables and made themselves comfortable. We made our second entrance to the music of the Beatles, "All you need is love", and at the bottom of the staircase, gave another quick toast to al our guests. As E raised his glass to toast to our friends and family, he hadn't realized that wine or drinks hadn't been poured yet so everybody raised empty glasses instead. Another minor glitch in the night. I've learned from previous wedding experiences that you can never expect a wedding to go completely according to plan. There's bound to be mistakes that happen throughout the night. After all the little mistakes in the ceremony, any other little errors that occured afterwards seemed like nothing. So everyone happily raised their empty glasses to E's toast and just smiled and went with it.

Finally the time came to just sit and enjoy our meals with our families. By that time I was completely relaxed and just so freaking happy. We chatted and laughed and joked with all our family members who surrounded our table and had such a fun and memorable dinner. Then came a little surprise. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, some beautiful Chilean folkloric music, whose title I can't remember, began to play and in enters the fabulous musical duo who perform regularly at one of our favorite restaurants, Don Peyo. We have always admired them and love their music and their ability to entertain a crowd. We had talked about having them play at our wedding reception but finally dropped the idea when we saw that it really wasn't in our budget. But my sneaky little husband went out and hired them as a surprise for me! Oh how I love him! So they played throughout the dinner, entertaining the tables as they went around the restaurant. People clapped to their music, and a few tables even chanted together, "Otra! Otra! Otra!", which means, "Play another, Play another, Play another!". They were so great and added so much warmth and animation to the dinner.

The dessert was incredible, I've never seen such a huge and beautiful dessert buffet. There was home made ice-cream that you could put into different cones, cakes, puddings, mouses, and my amazing wedding cake made by my friend Sam who is actually starting her own baking business. For those of you looking for a wedding cake or any other baked goods, check out her website. She also made me a little Christmas package full of delicious sweets and between that and the wedding cake, I can honestly say she is one talented baker who makes very delicious goodies!

After dinner and dessert, E and I headed back out to the outside tent area where we were going to show a presentation we made which was a summary of our 6 year relationship. To kick things off though, my dad spontaneously grabbed the microphone and began singing Louis Armstrong, "What a Wonderful World" in his Louis Armstrong impression. I think he completely caught the crowd off guard and everybody went silent but applauded like crazy when he finished. He then went on to give a very sweet and halarious speech. Now that he had given a toast, the rest of our parents got involved and spontaneously gave their own separate little speaches which I thought were very honest and touching. It worked out great because I really wanted them to say something during the reception, but we had never planned a time for them to say it so it couldn't have been more perfect.

With that we showed the presentation, and then went into dancing the waltz. I was so worried E and I were going to screw up but thank god we didn't. It was actually with my dad that we screwed up a bit...something I did not expect since he is quite the dancer. My dad was dancing so enthusiastically that he accidently crashed right into my mom who was dancing with E ha ha. Woops! After the waltz, the music started rocking and the party started kicking. Despite the cold, I think we had quite the party. For me, though I only had one drink, the party was one big fun blur because I was on such a high but I distinctly remembering dancing non-stop until 5:30am with all my wonderful friends and family. The night absolutely few by. One minute we were eating dinner, the next we were dancing into the wee hours of the morning, and finally we were passed out in our room as the sun was rising.

I remember that the party was very united and everybody was constantly forming circles where the crazy ones danced their crazy dances in the middle. The catapillar was also formed a couple times and at one point my awesome lady friends picked me up and carried me through the crowd. One of the best parts was where the whole room danced to the Zorba (this awesome Greek song whose title I also can't remember...I suck at remembering music), we all linked arms and danced to the music in this one big massive circle. And my parents stayed dancing until the end! I couldn't believe it! They were having such a great time, they didn't want the night to end. Numerous times throughout the night people came up to me to tell me how awesome my parents were. I think my dad's song and speech really made an impression. That and the fact that my parents were dancing with absolutely anyone in sight made me so proud of them :) On top of all that, the little match-making scheme I had been working on to set up my sister with one of E's friends, who I thought was her soulmate, worked beautifully. They hit it off and have been meeting each other here in Santiago regularly since the wedding. He he...I'm such a cupid! My mom told me that she would kill me if I was responsible for another daughter going off to live in Chile. Woops!

At 6am, once E and I had finally collapsed on our bed exhausted, I remember feeling so full of happiness and though I had blisters all over my feet and my legs hurt from dancing so much, I know I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.

Coming up...the semi-honeymoon and adventures with the family!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OFFICIALLY MARRIED!!! Recap: The Ceremony

I can say it now! I'm married! I have a husband! I am a wife! I have been dying to say these words for quite some time now. I'm not embarassed to say that within the first year of dating E, I couldn't wait to walk down the aisle with him. I knew very early on that this was the man of my dreams and that sooner or later we would end up marrying. For me, I couldn't get him down the aisle fast enough! But of course, E, being the responsible man that he is, made me wait 6 years before finally tieing the knot! Not that I was desperate to get married in general, I just couldn't wait to marry him. And now we've finally done it!. We're finally husband and wife and I just can't get enough of saying that E is my husband and I can't stop looking at my wedding ring! He's finally all mine now! Muahahaha!

I know it's been said over and over again, but I am so serious when I tell you that my wedding day was the best day of my life!!! I have never had so much fun before. Of course I'm sure it had something to do with wedding days in general where the bride and groom are the center of attention the entire night and are surrounded by all the people they know and love. The whole night, no matter where I went, I was with someone I loved. Also, the incredible people who worked at our reception took care of everything for us and constantly asked us if we needed anything so we didn't have to worry about a thing. We didn't have a care in the world and everything went so the reception that is. The ceremony was a different story...

I guess I can finally reveal my wedding venue to you all. We got married in a little chapel in Las Vertientes in the Cajon del Maipo and had our reception at the beautiful Casa Bosque. My family and a good friend of mine and I all headed up to spend Friday night at the hotel at Casa Bosque so that we could all get out of the crazy city and unwind before the wedding Saturday night. That night before the wedding was such a great night. It was my sister, friend, and I in one room and my parents in another. We spent the whole day lounging by the pool, tanning, and just doing things that girls generally do together: gossip, drink wine, eat chocolate, and get excited about the wedding! The next day, Saturday, was when things for the wedding started getting underway.

We all ate breakfast together and relaxed for most of the morning. Then after lunch, my make-up/hair stylist, Rodrigo Farah, arrived and began getting my hair and make-up ready. Soon after our photographers Kyle Hepp and Sebastian Larco arrived and started doing their thing. I was fine for most of the day until the last 20 minutes before leaving for the chapel. Our priest called me just as we were leaving...he was lost and was 20 minutes up the road in San Jose, a different town. We had mentioned to him at some point that we were getting married in the chapel at Las Vertientes but somewhere along the way, he got confused and was thinking we were getting married in San Jose. Most people think of San Jose when they mention the Cajon because it's the most touristic and biggest town in the area. So I had to wait at Casa Bosque until the priest was close enough to the chapel so that he would arrive before me. We were also short on time for my hair and make-up and I was starting to get anxious that we would keep people waiting too long so I started to get a little nervous and stressed out. Luckily I had Kyle there who is a photographer and brides personal cheerleader/therapist/confidant all in one. She was so relaxed and calm and said all the right things which helped me relax a lot. Thank you Kyle!!!

Finally we took off to the chapel. It had been sunny and warm for weeks but that day happened to be the coldest day in the past couple months! It was only 21 degrees celcius and by the time I had finished getting ready, it started to rain. On top of that it was really windy and cold! I couldn't believe our luck. It hardly ever rains in the summer in Santiago! Oh well, they say that rain on your wedding day means good luck. I just felt sorry for all the people waiting around at the chapel who were probably freezing their bums off. The other crappy thing was that we never got to get pictures outside like I wanted to because it was too cold and rainy. Ohh well!

About 45 minutes after the time our ceremony was supposed to start, I finally arrived at the chapel and prepared myself to walk down the aisle. As I walked closer to E, he started clapping, which I never expected and thought was so sweet! I started tearing up then and was crying by the time I reached him. It was such a perfect and emotional moment and I will remember it forever.

Never would I have expected so many things to go wrong after that. Our ceremony was quite the disaster ha ha! Now we just look back and laugh but in the moment it was quite embarassing. After the first mistake however, I finally didn't even care anymore and just went with it. We never had a chance to practice the layout of the ceremony and so everything was improvised. The first thing that went wrong was with the reading. I had previously given a paper to E containing the passage I was supposed to read to leave on the reading stand for me so that I wouldn't have to carry it. However, as I make my way to the reading stand, I see that it is empty. No paper. Damnit E!!! So, infront of everyone I had to ask E for the damn paper! To make matters worse, the chapel was very small so it amplified every mistake we made and everybody could hear all our embarassing slip ups. Ugh...So, I got the paper from E...fine...then the priest made matters worse by telling E to join me at the stand when I read. We originally said we were going to read together but then changed our minds. I had emailed our new plan to the priest but he obviousy didn't get it and was changing things mid-ceremony! So there were a few minutes where the priest, E, and I stood around confused and trying to figure out what was going on lol.

Okay so E finally just went along with it and joined me. I read the passage, E read his, and we went to sit down. I was praying for no more prayers were not answered...

Thankfully our priest lightened the mood by pointing out that we were nervous and cracked a few jokes. Then came time for the vows. We planned on memorizing them in a certain format. I was going to read my vows in English and E was going to read his in Spanish. I read mine (way too fast because I was so freaking nervous and embarassed after all our previous mistakes) but since the priest didn't speak perfect English he told me to say "Si, yo quiero" (Yes, I do) after I was done, even though I had already incorporated it into my vows. He misunderstood the format and didn't realize that I didn't have to say it again so to all the guests listening it sounded like this...

"I Lucie, take you E to be my husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for all the days of my life."..........

Priest: Don't forget to say "Si, quiero!" It's the most impotant part! (everybody could hear this)

Me thinking to myself: "But...but....I don't understand...ahhh! That doesn't make sense"

Priest, E, and guests: ......waiting patiently.......

Me: (Arhg, whatever!)...."Si, quiero!"

Then came E's turn. He started out saying his vows but fumbled and got confused since the priest changed the format of my vows. So he finally had to ask the priest to dictate the vows to him so he could repeat them correctly however the priest wanted it. So E repeated after the priest, who then told me again to say "Si, queiro". I think right there he finally realized that he screwed up but we couldnt' do anything about it at that point. So I married him twice! Now we can all be extra sure that I did in fact agree to marry him lol. Oh boy....

The priest saw that we were hopelessly lost and so he had to dictate to us for the rest of the mass what we were supposed to do. He had to correct us numerous times on little mistakes we made which was quit embarassing. Now when I think back it was all a blur because I was so nervous and embarassed but I'm sure there were dozens more mistakes! Good thing we both didn't care anymore after the first mistake. I mean we were definitely embarassed but that didn't shake our focus of the day. We were both completely wrapped up in each other. Too much so, maybe that's why so much went wrong.

Besies the mistakes, it was a beautiful ceremony. Our good friend and his brothers and sisters sang for us during the ceremony. They have the most beautiful voices, I tear up every time I hear them. My parents were so emotional and were tearing up the entire ceremony. My sister outright broke down in tears! She did a reading and couldn't finish because she started crying. However, to me (and the rest of us) it sounded like she was laughing! I assumed she made a mistake which is why I thought she was laughing (she couldnt even finish and just walked off!) It wasn't until later that she told me she was crying and was too emotional to finish! Sniff...

Good thing that after the ceremony, everything started going smoothly! Stay tuned for next post: recap of the reception!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Only One More Week!!! When Did This Happen!??!

I'm guessing now would be a nice time to post about my life again...seeing as I'm getting married in a week and this is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of my life! And it is, it really is! However, up until yesterday, I have mostly been stressed instead of happy and excited. These last two weeks have been filled with wedding madness and E and I haven't had much time to think about the light at the end of the tunnle since we've just been too busy trying to get through the damn tunnle. There are so many little details to take care of but finally, with a week to go, there only remain a few minor things to take care of and then we're all set! Yesterday I had my hair and make-up trial with my fabulous hair/make-up artist Rodrigo Farah and it was then, while looking at myself in the mirror after Rodrigo had worked his magic, that all the excitement and emotion came flooding over me. I had never felt so beautiful in my life and then I started picturing what E would think when he saw me and how great my done up self would look in my gorgeous wedding dress and I started to be swept away in happiness. I wanted to hug and kiss Rodrigo, he did an amazing job! It all started feeling so real and I could finally start to visualise the big day. I think the reason that all this hit me yesterday was because that day was all about me, not about all the work we had to do, but just about me being happy and feeling good. I was happy and I am happy :) I am now at the point where I don't care if we don't finish everything we wanted to, I don't care if we screw up the ceremony or make mistakes, I don't care if people think our wedding isn't personalized enough or not, I just want to be happy, relaxed, and have fun in this last week with family and friends and enjoy the big day!

Next week is going to be one hell of a week. We have Canadians arriving on three separate days beginning with my parents who arrive on Sunday! Another friend and her mom are arriving on Tuesday, and then my sister and another friend are arriving on Friday. That means a lot of trips to the airport. On Sunday evening, after my parents have rested up, we are going to spend time with E's parents. On Monday night, we're going to spend time with E's brother and his family after spending all day relaxing at E's parents pool. Then on Tuesday we're picking up my friends and helping them settle in. Hopefully that night, after they've rested up, we'll go out for a drink. Wednesday and Thursday will be spent doing touristic activities. I'm trying to look at different options for vinyard tours and then I'll do a city tour with them one day. On Thursday is my mom's 50th birthday so we're going to celebrate by having a big bbq with all of E's family. Then Friday morning my sister and other friend arrive. We are picking them up in the morning and then going straight to the hotel beside our reception venue to relax until the wedding. will be so nice to get out of Santiago and have some peace and quiet before the big day! Then finally, Saturday is the day we've all been waiting for! The day I thought would never come...I remember when we got engaged at the end of August of last year and the wedding seemed like an eternity away and now here we are. Wow, how time flies.

Since my parents are coming on Sunday, tomorrow is E's and my last day and night together :( He's going to live with his parents the week before the wedding to give my parents more space in our apartment since it's not big enough for all of us. What a great guy. I think it's also fun to be separated for a while before the wedding since by the time the big day comes around, we will be dying to be together again which will make it that much more special. Well, we're still going to see each other during the week, but just not for long. So since tomorrow is our last day to get things done, we have a jam packed schedule. We have to get the apartment clean and ready for my parents, pick up an extra bed we are borrowing for them, go grocery shopping, put up Christmas decorations, and finish last minute wedding details. And we're kicking Saturday off by going bright and early to La Vega. Love that place! I want to have a ton of fresh fruits and veggies waiting for my parents since they're coming out of the cold Canadian deep freeze of a winter and will be so happy to dig into fresh summer produce. The last two weeks at my home town in Canada have been below -20 degrees celcius so everyone is pretty jealous of my parents warm winter getaway and my parents can't wait to get here and thaw out.

This summer is going to be the best summer of my life! As I mentioned, after the wedding E and I are taking off to the beach for a week for our "mini-homeymoon" (the real honeymoon will be a trip around Latin America next year for a few months). While we are on our mini-honeymoon, my parents are travelling to Buenos Aires so they'll have some nice down time together. The last weekend of our honeymoon we're coming back to Santiago because E's comapny is having their famous huge Christmas party on Friday night at a luxury hotel and are paying for rooms for all their employees! Then that Saturday night we're going to another luxury hotel for the "wedding night" which was given to us as another gift from E's company. So we have a week of pampering :) After that I work for a week, and then it's off to the beach again for a week with my family and then meeting E in Vina for New Years! Then in January, my mom is taking me to Pucon for a week on a "mother-daughter getaway"...I love my mom. Also, my 25th birthday is in January so we'll have another fun celebration. Ahhh! So many fun things going on! I am seriously going to expload from all this happiness!

After my mom leaves however (which is at the end of January) it's time to buckle down and start looking for a real job. Teaching English is just not working for me. I make half of what I should be making every month because of constant cancelations. I can't live like this. I need a stable salary. So in February, I will be job hunting in full force. But I don't want to talk about that now. Right now all I want to talk about and think about is wedding bliss, time with family, Christmas parties, luxury hotels, and the beach beach beach! You can't imagine how excited and happy I am, and it all begins next week!!!