Monday, May 31, 2010

Classic Wedding Invitation

Oh my god!!! I was just working on the wording for our wedding invitations and came across this sample invite!!!


I´m sorry but I find this so freaking hilarious!!!! When I first read it I almost peed my pants laughing and I still laugh uncontrollably everytime I look at it!!!! Is it just me, or is this not the funniest thing ever? Maybe it´s just me and my weird sense of humor but I just think it´s the greatest invitation ever made and am so tempted to send out something similar as a joke ha ha ha! Just imagining people´s faces upon reading the invite gets me going in a fit of giggles again! How funny would that be?!!? Pretty funny I think! It´s too bad not everybody has my sense of humor!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wedding Dress Blues...

Oh boy...I have somewhat of a problem...

So, I went for my wedding dress fitting back in February and have been waiting since then to hear back from my seamstress to go and try on the dress for the last time. The seamstress is a good friend of mine and E´s who also happens to be Chilean. Last week I started getting worried since I hadn´t heard from her yet but I just shrugged it off thinking that when I got back from my trip with my mom she would have my dress ready to try on since she knew I had to leave for Chile in a few weeks and also knew that I was going to bring the dress with me. Then last night my dad called us and told me that my seamstress had called and left an urgent message for me to contact her. Oh great. This did not sound good...

I called her immediately. It turns out that her mother in Chile just got very sick and was rushed to the hospital so my seamstress was going to fly out the next day to go be with her! My first reaction was, ¨My god go! I hope everything is alright! Don´t worry about a thing!¨ I figured she had the dress ready and I could just pick it up and it would be fine. Though it would be more complicated and more expensive, if anything was wrong with it, I could get it fixed elsewhere. Then she told me she hadn´t even come close to finishing my dress yet and there was no way she could work on it since she´d be in Chile...uh oh...I was speechless for a second but I composed myself and focused on her who was obiously feeling really bad about not having finished the dress and was also terrified about her mom´s health so I told her not to worry. I totally sympathize with her and understand the situation. There´s no way you can plan for catastrophes like this and when something horrible happens to a family member, being with them is way more important than work. I would hope that if I were ever in a similar crisis, someone would show compassion to me and let me off the hook too. We finally worked it out that she could work on the dress when she gets back and my parents could bring it down in December.

My only concern is that I´m not exactly sure what she is going to do with the dress. We had talked about some alterations and she said that she would try some things and show me at my next fitting but now I won´t really be able to see if I like what she wanted to do or not and if it fits properly. I´m just praying she got the adjustments right! She was going to make the dress quite a bit smaller than it was so I just hope she didn´t end up making it too small! It´s a very form fitting mermaid type dress so if it is too tight, I won´t be able to sit down! My parents are coming to Chile a week before the wedding so I´m pretty much screwed if it doesn´t fit. So here´s some extra motivation for me throughout the year to maintain my figure so that I can at least fit in the damn dress when my wedding day rolls around ha ha! Oh well. That´s life. I´m sure it will all be okay in the end!

In other news, right now I´m in Vancouver with my mom finishing up our road trip together which has been an absolute blast! The last couple days I went running downtown and met my mom there for coffee. I am so jealous of Vancouverians! They have it so good. This city is an absolute paradise! They have the most gorgeous running routs and breath taking scenery! Tonight we´re going for dinner with my grandma and tomorrow we´re heading home! So, off I go back home to graduate and begin packing for Chile! Two more weeks to go! Time flies!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello Seattle!

So here we are, in the lovely city Seattle. As I mentioned in my previous posts, my mom and I decided to take a little road-shopping trip together to Seattle, then drive a bit further South to visit some family. So far everything has been as great as it always is when I´m with my mom. She is one of my best friends and I can do anything with her. We have such a ball together. We hit a ton of outlet stores the other day and got some awesome deals on some really good clothes. Damn it you lucky Americans! Clothes are so much cheaper here and you have so many outlet stores! We barely have any outlet stores in Canada...buuu...the only major one we have is Winners and it sucks!

Right now I´m just sipping some coffee in the hotel restaurant waiting for my wonderful mother, who is not a morning person, to show her lovely face. This is the way it has been, waking up at 6-7am, sitting in the restaurant, waiting for my mother. Oh mom. Should I tell you my favorite nickname for her? I think I will. First it was Mamu, but now I´ve switched to Moo Moo. Yes as in the sound a cow makes. It´s no way meant to be offensive and everyone knows it. It´s a long story but it´s my little way of teasing her. I love it! She´s so cute. I love my mom! This roadtrip has been such a great way to have some time together before I take off. We´ve been talking non stop on the drive and just having an all around blast!

Alrighty, and with that I´m off because my Moo Moo just showed up and so that would mean it´s time to take off to see the sights of Seattle! Love this city!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I DID IT!!!!!!!! Remember that new career opportunity that came my way in Chile?! Well......I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel as though my life is finally falling into place! I finally am going to do something that I´m seriously interested in and excited about and have a passion for and I CAN´T FREAKING WAIT!!! I feel like this was meant to happen. I´ve never come across a job description before that seemed to fit me so perfectly. Everything they wanted in an applicant, I had. I just fit the job so well! It seemed as if the job was out there looking for me, calling my name. Who would have ever thought everything would have fallen into place like this?! I have been having nightmares since January about trying to find a job in Chile that didn´t involve teaching English. I never could have imagined that I would have found something that would better me professionally in every way and open the doors to so many opportunities! Okay, to some, maybe it would seem that I´m overexagerating and getting way ahead of myself but to me this is a big deal. Unfortunately, I can´t say anything more than this because I have heard all the horror stories about people posting things about their work on the web and so I will never say a single word about where I work or what I do. Sorry, but I´m joining the professional world now and I can´t take the chance! I just had to vent about all this happiness bubbling out of me right now and there´s nobody around so you poor blog reader are going to have to listen to all this joy pouring out of me! Yay me!!!

So, that´s all I´ll say about that. In other news, the bridal shower was a hoot! My mom and I spent the whole day before the shower as well as the whole morning of the shower cooking and cleaning. I know most brides wouldn´t participate in planning their own shower but for me, half the fun is the baking and all the preparations that go into any big event. My aunt and cousins braved a brutal 8 hour drive just to come up for the long weekend of the shower and I will forever remember that. It was so much fun spending a ladies weekend together baking and decorating and talking. In the mornings we got up and had coffee outside on the porch, enjoying the glorious summer weather and listening to the birds singing beautifuly as we talked for hours.

A lot of my good friends live out of town and weren´t able to make it to the shower but I had plenty of other good friends and family friends there to celebrate with me. We did all the cute bridal games including making wedding dresses out of toilet paper and ate until we burst. There was cheesecake, chocolate cake, fruit and veggie platters, wines, punches, tons of different dips (including my famous spinach artichoke dip), meatballs, potatoe salad...oh my god there was a lot of food! Then we topped it all off with an evening bbq to which the men were invited. Then we proceeded to sit out on the porch for the rest of the evening enjoying each other´s company and the warm summer night. Sigh...I´m going to miss the summer here. It´s just not the same as in Chile. I´m going to miss seeing green everywhere and hearing birds all the time...and seeing the occasional

So anyway, the shower was great. Now I have to prepare for the bachelorette party which will be on my final weekend in Canada and is also the weekend I officially graduate! I can´t believe how fast time is going by!!! Things are happening so fast! A month ago I was counting down the seconds until my arrival in Chile but now I´m getting more and more sad to leave and wish time would slow down just a little. Of course I can´t wait to see E and be with him for good but it´s just that every day it is hitting me harder and harder that I am leaving this comfortable beautiful country of mine along with all the people I love in it to go off to live in a foreign country for who knows how long. I´ve never done something like this before where my return date is not a sure thing. It´s scary! But, with E by my side, I know I can do anything. Once I´m with him again, I know there is no other place I will want to be.

Alright so that´s it for now. Three posts in two days...crazy I know!

My 1st Encounter with Our National Animal!

I went running this morning and something amazing happened! I was running along this rugged trail along the river and all of a sudden, I heard a spalsh in the water. I whipped my head around to see what it could be and had just enough time to catch a glimps of some kind of furry creature take a dive into the murky water. I was puzzled as to what the thing might be because I run along the river almost every day and have never seen anything like it. I stopped running and sat on the grass of a little mound of earth overlooking the water to wait for it to resurface. Minutes went by and it never did. Then finally, as I was about to give up and start running again, there it was! It looked like a giant rat! But cuter. I studied the furry little creature to try to figure out what it was. First I thought it was a muskrat, but it seemed too big. Then, as I watched more closely, I saw it´s huge waxy paddle shaped tail and realized it was a beaver!!! To most of you, this may not be a big deal, but I have been waiting to see a beaver my whole life! The beaver is the Canadian national animal and so it´s kind of funny that I spotted my first beaver just as I am about to leave Canada, but I´m happy I finally saw one anyway.

I stopped running and just watched the beaver glide peacefully along the river´s edge. Then another beaver appeared! They were a cute happy little beaver couple and I couldn´t tare my eyes away from them. I walked along the river with my new furry little friends and surprisingly, they didn´t get scared off but just swam along beside me! So I continued on, forgetting about my run. I must have walked with them for half an hour until we finally reached their humble little home and they dissapeared inside. Such a simple and beautiful life they have. Two little beavers, happy in their little home with their little beaver babies. It was so relaxing watching these beautiful little creatures in their natural habitat doing what they have been doing for thousands of years. How often do we get to observe wildlife anymore these days? It truly is sad how much of a destructive impact humans are having on the world and on all these beautiful creatures that live in it. We end up chasing most of them away and destroy their homes and it is so rare that we get a chance to co-exist peacefully with the beautiful animals that inhabit our Earth.

Most foreigners wonder why the heck Canada would use an oversized rodent as a national symbol. I admit, it seems a little weird. Why not use a more magestic and beautiful Canadian animal such as the grizzly bear or cougar to symbolize our nation? Curious to know why? Well I´ll tell you! Actually, Canada´s ties to the beaver go way back. One of the major reasons Canada was colonized and explored back in the 1600s was because of the beaver. After the early explorers realized that Canada was not the spice-rich Orient, the main mercantile attraction was the beaver since the fashion at that time demanded fur top hats which needed beaver pelts. Once these hats became more popular in Europe, the demand for them grew and explorers ventured deep into the North American wilderness to trap and trade beaver pelts with local natives. This resulted the discovery and exploration of new areas of the country, leading to the development of new colonies. The King of England at the time saw the fur trade as an opportunity to bring in revenue and establish his North American empire and soon enough the English and French fur traders of Canada were selling beaver pelts in Europe 20 times their original price. This of course was bad news for the Canadian beaver population and by the mid-19th century, it was close to being extinct. Thank god those Europeans moved on from fur to silk hats and so the demand for beaver pelts decreased allowing the beaver population to recover. And so, after a traumatic few hundred years, the beaver has successfully made a place for itself in Canadian history and is now looked upon with pride by Canadians (or those of us that understand its significance) as the rodent responsible for the exploration and colonization of Canada.

Now I am leaving Canada having finally seen the beavers that were so crucial to the exploration of this country I call home. I wonder if I´ll see them again tomorrow. I think this beaver spotting was a good omen!

P.S. Bridal shower update coming soon!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Are We Ready for an Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest?

I recently read this article I found from New York Times and it really made me think. Up until now, I have always thought that earthquakes pretty much just didn't happen in the Pacific Northwest. I mean, I know we sit right on one of the Earth's major plates but I just figured that these plates had relatively little activity, since we never hear about quakes up here, and so I thought they weren't prone to earthquakes. After I read this article, my little bubble of false security shrunk a bit. The article basically says that California, Oregon, Washington, and my beautiful British Columbia, all sit on the 600 mile long Cascadia fault which can produce temblors with magnitudes of 9 or higher, and are thought to produce earthquakes more powerful than anything seen or expected from California's famous San Andres fault. Apperantly Cascadia's last major quake was in January 1700 and it is believed to be long overdue or another one. The article then talks about how unprepared buildings are on the Northwest coast and how the destruction would be waaaayy worse than any damage seen by any major quake in Chile. You can find the article here.

Not to be a doomsayer or anything but this article made me think. If such destructive earthquakes can occur on the Northwest coast, especially since major quakes have been documented in this area in the past, why hasn't anything been done about it? I mean, Canada and the States are developed nations with plenty of resources so why aren't they taking better precautions in their building standards? It couldn't be THAT much more expensive to build more stable and earthquake resistant buildings could it? The fact that seismologists actually predict another major earthquake along the Northwest coast in the future should sound alarms. And according to this article, even though California is prone to earthquakes, many of their buildings, such as those in the Silicon Valley, don't meet earthquake resistance standards and so could be heavily damaged in a major earthquake.

Anyway, just found this article interesting and wanted to share. I think it's time North America learn a lesson from Chile, Haiti, and other major earthquakes and jump on board the "earthquake preparation" bandwagon, especially since it's likely we'll see a major earthquake at some point in time whether it's tomorrow or a hundred years from now. Can't go wrong with being prepared!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Career Direction

So excited!!! A new career opportunity in Chile recently presented itself to me and it´s something that I didn´t study, but have studied indirectly my whole life and have always had a passion for! If everything works out, it could mean I don´t have to teach English for there rest of my life! Ahhhh!!! I´m PRAYING it all works out! I won´t say much more until I know for sure what´s going on but I´ll find out Monday so keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

In other news, my bridal shower is on Saturday!!! So excited about it! Today I have to go buy some decorations and tomorrow my mom and I are going to decorate and cook up a storm! My mom went a little crazy and already bought like 200 dollars worth of prizes for the games she´s planning ha ha! Oh mom. Some family members are even driving up for the occasion so it´ll be a nice little reunion. Then next week, my mom and I are taking off on a road trip to visit some family in the States and do a bunch of shopping. It´s definitely going to be a good time!

So, less than a month and I´m in Chile! Imagine that! I still remember the posts where I was still counting down from over a hundred days and now it´s less than 30. Wow...time flies!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I know, I know! Just a week ago I was complaining about being too stressed with school and now I´m complaining about having too much free time! What is this!? Well, I´m not really complaning, I´m just trying to get used to this huge change in my life. This last week has been so weird for me. I have so much free time that I don´t know what to do with myself! I haven´t had this feeling for years. I can´t remember the last time I was able to wake up with no alarm, have no specific plans for the day, and not have any stress or pressure to get things done...especially school related things. This is freaking awesome!!! However, because of this, I feel like the laziest person alive! It´s so weird getting used to this new lifestyle, even though it´s temporary, takes a while to get used to not having anything to do. I still have this constant nagging feeling like I should be doing something, though I have nothing to do! I guess it´s just something I´ve trained myself to feel thoughout my school years and doesn´t dissapear automatically. I feel like I´m in some weird transition mode, waiting for something to happen.

A few days of lying around on the couch watching TV and surfing the web and doing absolutely nothing after I finally finished school was definitely necessary, but I grew out of that quickly. It´s amazing. I seriously thought I would just want to do nothing for a month straight after that hell of a semester. But now I´m itching to take on a new challenge and get back into the game. I want to tackle something and do well and make people proud. I have no plans to go back to school yet and probably won´t for some time, but now I want to take on the working world and try to find something that I´m good at and do it well. Hopefully I´ll be able to find something like that in Chile.

After my few days of sitting on the couch and resting after I had finished school, I moved on to pick up some old hobbies and spend time on things I never had time to do while in school. For example, I just bought a beautiful new scrapbook and a ton of scrapbook supplies to document this past year from the moment E proposed to me (including our trip to New York, Philly, D.C., Seattle, and all of Vancouver Island). I want this scrapbook to include the year from our engagement to our wedding so I´m going to continue it in Chile. These past few days has also involved me cleaning my entire room (which desperately needed it), took out my dusty old painting easel and supplies with the intention of painting in the next few days, experimented with the joys of cooking again and made some nice dinners for my parents, started learning photoshop, and spent time with my family and friends. Tomorrow is Mother´s Day and my dad and I are taking my mom out to a Mother´s day brunch at a really nice restaurant, then that evening, we´re going for a Mother´s Day dinner at a family friends place. Looks like it will be a nice day. I really want to spend as much time as possible with the important people in my life before I go off to Chile because who knows when I´ll see them all again. Well, I´ll see my family at the wedding in December, but as for my friends and family friends...who knows. Sad but true :(

So as for wedding planning, I got sick and fed up with invitation hunting online and looking for cheap options. Invitations are the least important thing for us about the wedding since practically everyone just throws them away after so we really didn´t want to invest a lot of time, energy, and money in them. I ordered some samples online and they were all horribly ugly! The time it took for samples to get here and the effort that went into looking at all those online invitation sites was driving me crazy so finally E and I decided to just make our own. However, when I went to the craft store to figure out how we could go about doing this, I discovered that it would be even more expensive than ordering them if we actually wanted to make them look nice. Why are crafts so damn expensive!??! It just blows my mind! The cost plus the time and effort that would go into making our own invitations completely turned me off of that idea.

Just when I was about to give up with the invitations and opt for emails, I found these ¨do it yourself¨ invitation kits in the craft store! There was such a huge variety and were all good quality and on sale!!! I found a nice chocolate and ivory invitation kit since we wanted natural colors for our natural theme and they were perfect! The kits included everything we needed to make invitations: envelopes, the invitations, and even a little pocket in the invitation to put direction, reception, or RSVP cards that they provided! It was the perfect solution and was an instant cure for the headache I was getting over finding these invitations! And, you would never be able to tell they were ¨do it yourself¨! They look so professional and all we have to do is print out the invitations and directions etc on the nice papers they provide. And I love that they are not what you would noramlly find in Chile where most people print out their invitations on boring plane white paper. At least that´s what I´ve seen in all the weddings we´ve been invited to. Not that that´s bad, I just don´t like to follow the norm. So, without giving it another thought, I bought 5 boxes of 30 and that was that. Invitation problem solved! I am now one step closer to getting married! Now I just have to deal with the printing headache but that´s okay, I´m sure I´ll figure it out :) So, anyone planning to get married out there and doesn´t want to deal with the invitation mess, here´s some advice: Just go to your local craft store, look at the wedding section, and pick up a ¨do it yourself¨ kit! Simple, easy, stress-free, and cheap! Oh I´m so happy!

So here is another update: the big move to the apartment is going along smoothly! Big surprise yes. I know I talk way too much about the apartment but it´s our first one and the process is just so exciting! E just bought our first oven!!!! EEekkk!!! We were both so excited it was pathetic. It´s amazing how exciting it can be to buy your first oven, your first fridge, your first broom...With every single new thing E buys, we are like little children on Christmas eve again. So anyway, he bought this oven that was barely used and sold by this guy who bought it last year when he got married and now needed to get rid of it because he was getting divorced....bad omen? Bah, who cares! It´s a beautiful white semi-spanking new oven! As I mentioned, E´s family already donated a fridge to us so our kitchen is now complete! The microwave will just have to wait until somebody decides to get it for us for the wedding. We´re just sticking with the bare essentials for now. As we speak E is hauling his huge king sized bed to the apartment for phase two of the moving plan and with that, he will be set to go and live in our little love nest. Finally! Yaaaayyy!!! So as of this weekend, E will offically be living in the apartment and just waiting for me to get there! I can´t wait to see the place and make it our home! Only 33 more days!!!

Alright, now I´m off to take on this scrapbooking adventure! Happy early-Mother´s day to all you mothers out there and especially to my amazing mother who I love with all my heart!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thesis Defense...DONE!!!! Good-bye School, Hello Chile!!!

Last Thursday was a very important day for me. I have been waiting for that day to pass with anxiety and fear ever since I decided to take on an honors project. That day was the day I had to give the dreaded thesis defense. For me, finishing school couldn´t become a reality until that day had passed. I´m actually a pretty good public speaker and find doing presentations easy. In fact, I usually enjoy them. The thing that had my stomach in knots weeks before the big day was the thought of all my peers and all my profs, who have come to know me over the years, being there and testing my academic knowledge. I have always been an overachiever and showing people I can do a good job in school, especially my profs, is so so so important to me. So the thought of being up there infront of all my profs made me incredibly fearful of looking like an ass infront of them all. I was so scared I would slip up and they would think that I wasn´t as smart as they thought I was. I especially didn´t want to let down my supervisor who has to be the best prof I have ever had. He has really become more of a friend over the years and so the thought of letting him down or him thinking I was an idiot really made me feel sick. I have never seen such a supportive and caring prof. This guy deserves an award. The nicer and more supportive he gets, the more intimidated I get and the more terrified I get of letting him down. It´s a vicious cycle.

Anyway, after stressing out for months about this day, and almost throwing up the hours before I had to defend, I finally did it!!!! I made it!!!! I can finally breathe again!!!! I feel like 1000 tons have been lifted off my shoulders!!!! Not only that, I got an A on the whole project!!!! When my prof started talking about me and my good qualities to everyone after my presnetation, I almost started crying. It´s not everyday that you hear you´re doing a good job and to hear it directly from the person you respect more than anything is so overwhelming. Then my co-supervisor and committee members both went on to tell me what a great job I did on my thesis and how well it was written and I almost started crying again. That really freaked me out and I had to summon all the power in me to keep the tears from coming out. Could you imagine me answering their questions crying like a baby!??!? Oh man....that was a hard moment. And I´m a crier so it took everything I had to hold it together and appear as professional as I could. After all the questioning, everyone shook my hand smiling and congratulating me. I´ve never felt so much approval from my profs before. Again...almost cried like a baby infront of everyone.

So as you can see, it was a very emotional day for me. All that stress I´ve been bottling up over a year was because of this day. There were so many times when I felt like just giving up and would question myself as to why the hell I decided to take on an honors project and all the extra work that came with it!! There were times I wanted to pull all my hair out and just get on the next plane to Chile because I couldn´t take the pressure I put on myself. But despite all that....I DID IT!!!! When I got in the car to drive home after my defense, I finally let the tears flow freely as I realized what I had accomplished and how many obsticals I had conquered along the way. I just couldn´t believe it was finally over! I was so freaking proud of myself for pushing through and sticking to it that I can´t even put it into words. I´ve never been so proud of myself for accomplishing something before. And it doesn´t have anything to do with the A I got. It has everything to do with persevering and finishing something that seemed impossible at times. Knowing I can do something like this and put up with so many challenges and difficulties makes me realize that I can take on anything! Go me!!!

So, guess what I did yesterday? Yesterday was the first day I can remember waking up this year without an alarm clock!!! Can you believe it? It didn´t hit me until I woke up at 8 wondeing why I was waking up so late and then thought, ¨wait...I don´t have to wake up at 6 anymore, I´m free!!!¨So, yesterday I took delight in having one of those PJ days I´ve been craving for months and just spent all day relaxing, on the computer, watching TV, looking at wedding sites, and basically doing all the useless things I´ve been wanting to do for so long. It felt so good to not have that panicing feeling at the back of my throat everytime I realized that my defense was coming up.

You have no idea how liberated I feel now! There´s nothing else to worry about except pack for Chile!!! Well, I have to make some corrections to my thesis that my committee suggested but they are only small corrections because they said my thesis was so well written so I don´t have to do much. And it doesn´t involve standing infront of a room full of people judging you and your work. So, that´s why I´m at Starbucks now, to slowly make those little corrections to my thesis and hand it in on Monday and be done with it forever! But of course, now that I have all the time in the world, I am taking it slow. Before I dive into thesis corrections, I´m kicking off the morning with a little blogging, a little time on the knot, a little get the picture. It´s so freaking awesome to have that extra time to spend on all these little extra things I never really had time for! God I´m so happy!!!

So right now as I type, E is over at our new apartment cleaning it up and installing internet and cable! We got the keys for the place yesterday so it is now our apartment!!! YAY!!! I feel like I´m living the dream now. I feel like a completely different person. Before Thursday, I could never really focus on my future with E in Chile because it still seemed like so far away. But now, it finally feels like reality. I finally feel like I´m crossing over into that dream of mine that I´ve been hanging onto for so long. Things are actually happening for us! I´m going to Chile in exactly 40 days! We have an awesome apartment in an awesome location! E has already told me there are tons of bars and bakeries and restaurants all over the place in our neighborhood. We have our first car ever too! And it´s not the piece of shit car I thought would be our first car, it´s a pretty awesome car! We have bikes that we can use to go to Cerro San Cristobal and Cajon del Maipo with (E is a big biker). We also have quite a few things that we need for our apartment that are being donated to us by family members which is amazing!!! For example, we´re getting a fridge, a cutlery set, a table, a desk, and a bed from E´s parents and we´re getting a heater and a coffee table from E´s brother. And now it turns out a few of E´s friends are moving and need to sell their things so we´re going to be able to get an oven and washing machine way cheaper than buying them new!

But most importantly, I have the best man a girl could ask for and am going to marry him in about 7 more months. I still can´t believe I snagged this one. I really hit the jackpot with him. Yesterday we were talking and he said he was going to clean the aparment inside and out and make it beautiful for me. He also wanted to know what I want in the apartment because he wanted to get them for me. It just blows my mind how he goes through such greath lengths to make me happy. Okay, I´m not even going to get into talking about E right now because this post is going to end up 10 pages long with me crying my eyes out again! God I miss him. It´s amazing how hard it hits me when I least expect it. There will be days or even weeks that go by where I´m in autopilot mode and detatch myself from E because I have to or else I would be an emotional basketcase. We live our normal lives, talk on Skype, go to bed, repeat the next day. After too much of that though, you start to get worn away and every so often, all those built up emotions that you´ve been pushing away in order to live your normal life without going insane come flooding back and it takes my breath away. On those days, I miss E so much I feel like I¨m going to die and I can´t believe that we have been going without seeing eachother for so long. Those days are so hard to deal with. I can´t wait to finally say good-bye to them forever!!! It´s coming so soon! 40 more days people!!! Just 40!!! Unbelievable!!!

Alright, I think it´s time to finish with this post or else I will just keep writing and soon it will be so long that nobody will even bother reading it! I just have so many emotions and feelings running through my head right now and it feels so good to get it all out!

So, have a great weekend everyone! Now that I´m free I will be posting more frequently and about things other than school, don´t you worry!