Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It´s Fun to be Unemployed in the Summertime

Here I sit enjoying a nice cup of coffee at one of my favorite Starbucks´ on a nice, fresh, cloudy day. I love days like these where one can get a bit of a break from the endless summer days of +30 C heat. I came here today with a get started on our Thank-You cards which we have yet to give out, two months after our wedding! Ak! The problem is this: right after the wedding, E´s computer, in which we had all our wedding related things saved, crashed due to some virus. This meant that all the data we had accumulated over months of wedding preparations, such as guests full names, addresses, and gifts given to us were destroyed. Why oh why we did not back up our wedding data I will never know and am still hitting my head on the wall over it because now we have had to slowly piece together wedding gift info from E´s bank account and from our Falabella Novios account as well as try to pull from memory all material gifts given to us indiviually. This is quite a task and one that we have not quite finished but I am determined! I had bought our Thank-You cards a looong time ago in Canada and they match our invitations and I will not allow them to be wasted! So, just a reminder to any of you planning a wedding...back up EVERYTHING!

Now let me fill you in a little bit on what´s been going on in my life...

February is bliss. I had previously always hated summer in Chile because I had always spent the summer teaching English classes and was therefore forced to walk around day upon day in the dreadful Santiago smoggy heat, arriving to each class a complete sweaty mess while being forced to keep a smile on my face, acting happy and enthusiastic to teach. I just hate being hot and sweaty and uncomfortable and then pretend to be perfectly fine infront of my students! Especially those students who don´t believe in airconditioning which is pretty much most of my students. However, this summer, I happen to be unemployed. And although it had been bothering me quite a bit in the first few weeks, I´m really beginning to enjoy not working...a dangerous feeling I know, and if things continue to go on this way, I don´t know if I´ll ever want to work again! The problem is that in the summer, most students either go on vacation, or take a vacation from English classes leaving me with nothing. I should be able to start up again in March when summer vacation ends, but it might take a while to build up my classes again since I will be starting at a new institute.

We´ll see what happens. For now I´m content with spending all of February by the pool :) As luck would have it, we are watching E´s parents house for the rest of February since they´re on vacation so we have a nice big house with a nice big patio and pool to take advantage of...a little vacation in itself. I just love waking up in the morning, going for a nice long run, and then having coffee in the patio under the big shady trees that boarder E´s parents patio while enjoying the morning. Speaking of running, I also happen to be training for a half marathon which I will be running at the Adidas Santiago Marathon on April 3rd. This will be my first half marathon and I am so excited because I feel like I am in great shape and will do well. I´ve been on a strict training plan and have been following it religiously and right now I can run a half marathon in 1 hour 49 minutes so I´m aiming for under 1 hour 45 minutes. I´m also eating the best I´ve ever eaten to supplement my running and I feel incredible. I think I´m going to have to sign up for competitions more frequently in the future because I´m loving how my life-style has become so positive. Not that I´ve evern not led a healthy life-style...I´ve always ran and have always eaten well, but this is different. The effect is amplified somehow.

So, what else are we up to for this month? This weekend E and I are heading to Vina for the weekend since we have a wedding there on Saturday night. It´s always nice to get out of Santiago and hit the beach, even if it is Vina in the summertime. Then, the weekend after that we´re joining E´s parents at their beach place at a different beach to spend some quality time with them. And then February will be over and the summer heat will begin to be replaced with the freshenss of fall! I can´t wait. It´s amazing how fast summer came and went...I guess our wedding had something to do with it.

Alright so that´s all for now. I have to stop distracting myself and start writing these Than-You cards! A good week to all!