Sunday, June 26, 2011

Update of the Month

And now for the update portion of the post. Two posts in one day, man I´m on a roll!

So this week took a serious toll on me since work was really busy and I went out with friends every night. Basically my week involved me working from 8am to 7pm, then meeting up with a friend(s) at a bar, drinking and eating late into the night, getting home late and sleeping 5-6 hours, waking up at 6am feeling like crap because the food I had just eaten 5 hours ago at the bar was still being digested (god there is no worse feeling than that!) and then going to work and doing it all over again. The good thing about this week though was that I was finally able to invest in my social life again, something that is hard to do when you´re working 11 hour days.

Monday I went to the bar with a good friend of mine, Tuesday E and I met a couple of friends of ours for drinks, Wednesday was bookclub, Thursday was my only day of rest, and Friday was my good friend´s going away party (Still so sad about that by the way! Sarah, if you´re reading, I love you and I´ll miss you so much!!!). Saturday I was dying to sleep in but since I felt like crap after a week of too much eating and drinking, I seriously needed to go for a I did. After the run, E and I had lunch, and then we both took a siesta that lasted 3 and a half hours! We were both dead tired (E had gone to a birthday party the night before and came back at 6am). Then, Saturday night we met up with a group of friends of ours in Bella Vista. Such a social butterfly I have been this week!

Now today, I am so happy to be sitting here and having some "me" time since I did not have one minute to myself this entire week. I´m even happier that it´s a long weekend which means I don´t have to think about going back to work tomorrow...oh what a great feeling! Today and tomorrow is "E and me" day. Today we´re just going to bum around and relax. Once he gets back from his game we´re going to have lunch, take another siesta, then we´re going to hit the mall (I desperately need a warm coat) and go to a movie and probably even go to chill at Starbucks somewhere in there. Tomorrow we´re going to the Cajon to climb a mountain, something we´ve been wanting to do for so long but never had the time. It´ll be the first time we´ve been back to the cajon since we got married there in December and so we´re looking forward to reminiscing. After the trek we´re going to have lunch at the place we got married at, the beautiful Casa Bosque. I´m looking forward to it, but more than anything, I´m looking forward to just relaxing today, we really need it. I have been waiting for this long weekend for waaay to long. At least we now apparently have one long weekend a month until December, that sounds good to me :)

Also, this week is the week we sign the final papers for our new apartment! Once we sign the papers, it´s going to take about two more weeks and then the apartment is ours. We will be moving in sometime around July 15th. God we´re both so excited! All our good friends and family are going to help us move and then we´re going to have an asado in the beautiful bbq area the apartment complex has so it´ll be a nice informal inauguration celebration.

Now let me just finish this post by saying how lucky I am to have such an incredible husband. Yesterday we celebrated one year of being legally married and every day I thank God for having such a wonderful husband. He truly is an angel. For example, since I was a little stressed this week, I would come home flustered and angry and would complain about random stupid little things. What does my husband do? Instead of reacting and getting pissed off, he patiently goes on with what he´s doing, gives me my space, and when I calm down and am ready, he comes and hugs and kisses me and tells me he loves me. On Friday I came home in a particularly bitchy mood and started getting mad at him for all these silly unimportant things (like not having boughten the lettuce I asked for...yes I know, stupid...when I´m stressed I can be a bitch). So anyway, here I was making a scene, throwing my coat down, stomping around finding more things to get angry about...meanwhile, E is just sitting at the desk, smiling at me and looking at me with so much love in his eyes and he says, "Cosita, I´m going to love you no matter what you say and do so just let me know when you´re finished so I can come and give you a hug". Hearing that ended my bad mood immediately and I went over and hugged and kissed him and held him tight.

How lucky am I? I don´t know anybody that wouldn´t put up a fight when a bitchy girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband arrives home and starts complaining about everything. His patience and his ability to not react to things fabbergasts me to no end. Besides that, he cleaned the whole house before I got home, and then since my friends were coming over that night, went out and bought us wine and champagne and gas since our gas supply was dwindling and he wanted us to be warm. Then, the next morning, after coming back from my run, I enter the apartment to find it is totally clean again after the big mess my friends and I made the night before. He had cleaned everything. Seriously, how lucky am I? God love him for putting up with my occasional mood swings. He´s going to be such a good dad with all that patience he has :) I love him soooooooo much and I can´t imagine my life without him!!!

And with that I end this post. Hope everyone has a great long weekend!

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