Sunday, September 25, 2011


Ahhh spring. I know I always complain that I hate the sun and the heat but I can't deny the happiness I feel when I walk to work in the balmy morning and breathe in that delicious flowery perfume that stains the air now that everything is in full bloom. My favorite things about summer are the mornings and the evenings when the sun is gone and all the flowers and plants open up and release their sweet fragrances. It is heaven. During the winter here in Santiago, you tend to loose your sense of smell since the smog pretty much kills everything...then spring comes, and you remember what it's like to smell again. As soon as I smell all these summer smells: freshly cut grass, flowers and trees of every kind...I'm taken back to the hot desert summers of my little home town and all the memories come flooding back: nights and days at the lake, bonfires, swimming, boating, friends, parties...sigh, I miss it.

Okay so now to get back to my life. In this post I will attempt to wrap up the month of Septmeber, since I've been such a bad blogger and can't seem to coordinate my blog with my life. So here it goes:

September is the month that my husband turned 30, a pretty important birthday. We celebrated by having two parties, one with his friends and one with his family. They were both pretty relaxed but we had a good time anyway. I made my first attempt at a carrott cake which had pineapple, coconut, and cream cheese dressing and it turned out pretty amazing. Everybody was raving since they're not used to carrott cake. They thought I was a genius for trying something so different though I tried to explain to them that this cake was pretty standard in North America. I also made my first attempt at hummus which turned out pretty incredible. It was lemon basil hummus and it was so easy. I just threw everything in a blender and it was done. The easiet appy one can possibly make. Again, all the Chileans were raving and couldn't believe how ingenius it was to make a dip out of garbanzo beans. I explained to them that this was also a pretty standard thing for us North Americans but they couldn't get over it. People really aren't used to experimenting in the kitchen here. Just incase your curious, I got the recipes for the carrott cake and the hummus from Simply Recipes (, one of my favorite food blogs.

So my husbands birthday came and went and pretty soon it was time to celebrate the big 18, Chile's national holiday. At work I decided to throw a little office bash for our area so I went to ask for money from my bosses boss to organize the event and he allowed it. I went all out and decorated or whole floor until it was barely recognizable, I ordered empanadas, mote con huesillos, and I went and bought drinks and snacks etc. Friday we stopped working at 1pm and we had our little celebration which turned out great. Everyone was really happy for this little work reunion and it was so nice to see people break out of their serious office personalities and let loose. We put on cueca music, ate, drank (non-alcoholic beverages of course), and were merry.

We also had a big work event that my company put on for all its employees. They rented a huge event center in Vitacura and set up a huge stage where they had folkloric groups playing typical Chilean songs and they had dancers dancing traditional Chilean dances. They also had various stands set up with all the traditional Chilean games (which really aren't that entertaining but were fun anyway). They had a huge bbq and roasted lamb and pig and had a stand for freshly made empanadas. They went all out. It was a huge event, especially since there are over 1,500 employees where I work. This particular afternoon happened to be one of the first true days of spring we had had until that point and it was sunny and warm. The combination of the beautiful weather and all the wine, chicha, empanadas, and asado made the evening blur into one happy drunken dream. Near the end of the event, my good group of friends at work and I just sprawled out on the grass and soaked up the sun and relaxed and talked. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day. Oh and also, there was a mechanical bull, and I rode it :)

The weekend of the actual 18th, I was supposed to go to a fonda on Friday night with some friends from work but that didn't end up happening. On Saturday morning, my husband and I drove to his parents beach apartment at Papudo and we spend the rest of the weekend there with his brother, his brother's wife, their baby, and his brother's sister-in-law and her husband. It was a nice relaxed weekend. We had our bbqs, enjoyed the beach, and even tried to go to a fonda one night but there was nobody there and it kind of fizzled out so we went home early. So we didn't go all out and celebrate the 18th like crazy but it was a nice festive relaxing weekend at the beach.

Yesterday was a wonderful day, Tyffanie, one of my friends here, threw a going away bbq since her and her husband are going back to the States to start their lives there. It was a gorgeous and hot day. There was a ton of wine and food and some of my closest friends here in Chile were there. We all sat out on the picnic tables in the shade, eating, drinking, catching up, and enjoying the beautiful summer weather. All around us there were families having picnics, kids flying kites, dogs bouncing around happily, it was the perfect picture of a nice summer afternoon. It was so nice to see everyone in that environment and all enjoy the beautiful day together...though it was sad at the same time to see another good friend of mine getting ready to leave :( We'll miss you Tyffanie and Christian!!!

And now here I am, on a beautiful Sunday morning at Strabucks, just chilling with my coffee and my computer. I love lazy Sunday mornings like this. My husband went to train with his running group (he's training to run a marathon) so here I am, enjoying some time on my own. Later he's meeting me here and then we're going for lunch to one of our favorite little restaurants, Santa Bohemia. For those of you that don't know it, it's in Nunoa near Condell and it's incredible. Google it and go there. Then tomorrow it's back to work, but luckily, here in Chile we only work a couple more weeks and then we have another long weekend on October 10th. Then after that long weekend, we work a couple more weeks, and we get another long 4 day weekend! Then comes Christmas and New Years and more long weekends. I love this time of year :)

Happy Sunday everyone!