Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

God it felt so good to go out with good old friends on Wednesday night! I told you I would go to my monthly book club meeting that night and I didn't let you down. It was a night of much needed drinks, good food, chit chat, support, and fun. We did pretty much everything under the sun except discuss the actual book because it had been quite a while since we had the whole group reunited so we were too busy catching up. I guess this means we need to get together more often outside of book club or else our monthly meetings will be turning into random booze filled happy hours...not that I'm complaining...It would just be nice to continue our book club tradition since it's been going on for over a year now and we got a good thing going on here.

Though Wednesday was a blast, I seriously overdid it on the alcohol...I think I just can't handle liquor anymore since nowadays, I rarely party as I've mentioned. I went to bed feeling like I was on a boat rocking back and forth and back and forth...I've never EVER felt that before after drinking. I had that feeling every time I closed my eyes and the motion made me feel sick and I felt like I was going to vomit. I therefore tried to stay awake for a while until the feeling passed, but it didn't and I remember waking up in a dizzy haze throughout the night feeling like I was seasick on a boat. I don't know, maybe the wine was tainted or something because I've never had that feeling after drinking before.

So you can imagine how much fun it was to get up for work the next morning. Of course I had the hugest hangover ever but I popped an aspirin and thought it would pass. It didn't pass. It got progressively worse as the day went on and by lunch I was ready to vomit again. This was another first, I've never experienced a hangover that got progressively worse throughout the day. Weird.

By the time Friday came around, I was dying and ready for the weekend. Work has been so demanding and it's only going to get more demanding in the next few weeks and so now, all I want to do when the weekend comes around is to sit in bed watching Modern Family or The Office, snoop on Facebook, read, and sleep. My poor husband must think I am so boring but that's all I've had the energy to do lately. God I can't imagine what life will be like with kids thrown into the picture! Yikes!

Friday I got home and pretty much fell into bed and had a nice long much deserved sleep. This morning I felt refreshed and energized and went for a run. E and I spent all morning in our pjs hanging out in bed just chilling (my kind of morning) and later on we went grocery shopping. I love that my darling husband doesn't complain when I make him drive across the city to the nice fancy Unimarc at Manquehue to do our shopping as opposed to the lider a couple blocks down the street. He understands me and my love of food and of browsing through the isles looking at all the pretty things and reading the labels and just soaking in all the splendour that is this grocery store. This particular grocery store has everything, and more. I can always find everything I'm looking for there, there are always less people, the customer service is MUCH better, they have a Starbucks, a sushi bar, a sandwich shop, a pasta place, a pizza shop, and a buffet. They also have the best selection of freshly baked breads, and bread is one of my passions in life so this makes me very happy.

Tomorrow is Sunday, another day full of big plans (not). E and I plan on spending all morning in bed again, going to our usual coffee place for morning coffee, feasting on the delicious lentils I made today for lunch, and finishing off the day by going to a movie. I think I may actually even do some more baking tomorrow...we'll see how crazy I'm feeling.

Let me end this post by sharing a fabulous recipe with you for healthy granola bars. I found this recipe at a new website I'm obsessed with called Whole Living (, which is not only bursting with amazing recipe ideas, but also has a lot of great info about health, mind, body, soul, and green living. I recommend you check it out, it's great. You can find the granola bar recipe here, and check out my cool photo of the delicious bars I made below.

A good weekend to all!


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  2. Hey Lou,

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